Test Automation

Initiate test automation if you don’t already have it, or restart it when it’s not being used, or not working. We will help you implement low/no cost open-source tools, that you will own. Our ways of working ensure that you focus on the best areas to automate and that you realise most benefit from your investment in automation.

Protect resources, improve accuracy and find defects quicker with test automation

We can help you to take control of the execution of repetitive tests and save time and money, improve accuracy, and find defects quicker by implementing best practice test automation. It is a service that transforms your processes for continuous delivery and testing.

When should you automate?

You should consider automating your IT testing when tests:

Acutest Accelerated
Have to be accelerated

Need processes to be repeatably performed.

Acutest Assess Your Capability
Have to introduce data driven testing

Require many data combinations using the same steps.

Acutest Multi Browser
Needs to be multi-browser

Must be verified on multiple software platforms such as browsers, or hardware configurations.

Acutest Project Cost
Need to save costs

Are very time consuming to execute.

Acutest Precision
Must increase precision

Require analysis of large data outputs and a high-level of precision.

Want to ensure you will get the maximum benefit from test automation?

Ask the Acutest Experts video series

Automation should be an essential part or your overall software testing strategy. Our Principal Consultant and Automation Architect, Raul Codesido, explains why in our Ask the Acutest Experts video series.

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Working with Acutest

Acutest was established in 2002 and has grown as a market-leading testing consultancy business specialising in testing software, business processes and IT. In April 2021, Acutest joined Trustmarque, adding to our strengths across the IT lifecycle as your digital transformation partner.

We have helped many clients achieve success through our unique test automation service, by supporting across a variety of technologies and systems or services under test. We rely on our experience and industry best practice to accelerate your implementation and progress. The result is an approach designed to generate immediate business value, while providing sustainable test automation solutions.

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