About Acutest

Acutest, a technology consultancy, specialises in assurance and testing of IT change programmes and accelerating business as usual change. Our mission is to reduce the cost of change, increase the speed of change, and improve the governance of change. We enable our customers to deliver working products and services on time and with confidence.

Quality assurance and testing consultancy

Founded in 2002, Acutest is now part of the 550-person Trustmarque group. Our services range from strategic advice on optimising the assurance and delivery process through to providing technical advice on implementing automation, performance and AI tools. We also provide expert staff to augment teams. 


Our consultants have supported technology vendors and consumers in every aspect of product and service development, using the widest range of development methodologies, subcontractors and off-shore teams. We focus on implementing principles to select the best techniques, rather than following the same approach under all circumstances. We work on site or remotely as required by our clients.

70 %

reduction in number of tests required to go live.

55 %

reduction of in-live faults.


saving in overall test effort.

Who we have worked with

Since 2002, we have worked for over 230 clients on assignments from one-person reviews to multi-year engagements with large teams. Our consultants have worked on thousands of successful deliveries of services to discerning customers.

Acutest - Industry Breakdown

Practices: taken from the Acutest accelerator

Our consultants have access to the Acutest accelerator, which includes tools and techniques from previous projects. This saves us from reinventing the wheel with each new assignment. The accelerator is organised into these areas:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Our consultants can choose from a range of methods to implement a project solution. This allows us to swiftly implement the best tools and techniques for each client’s situation. For instance, we have numerous ways to accelerate delivery using AI. Our team can choose a proven, pre-existing scheme that best suits the team, considering factors like available customer tools, project size, developer and tester locations and the stage of the project.

Acutest team working on quality assurance

Acutest Principles

Acutest consultants apply principles to choose the optimal assurance and testing approach for each delivery. The use of these principles varies depending on the product, service, and development stage. Therefore, the ‘fail fast’ approach would differ if implemented at the project’s start versus when it’s overdue for launch.

Acutest Trusted Experts
See through the customer’s eyes

These are the eyes that matter. If a service does not work from the customer’s perspective, it simply does not work.

Acutest Principles
Begin with the big risks

If you don’t start with the big risks, you will find the most pressing problems at the end of the project (which is not a desirable situation).

Acutest Icon Test Improvement Programme
Fail fast

Acutest prioritises early problem detection in the lifecycle, ideally during the requirements and design stages where over half of the issues typically arise.

Acutest and Trustmarque

In March 2022, Acutest was acquired by One Equity Partners (OEP) as part of their acquisition of Trustmarque from Capita. We are leveraging OEP’s experience in IT services to invest in and develop our services.

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