Enhancing operational efficiency: a case study of LGIM test automation

11 September 2023 Time to read:  minutes


LGIM was in the process of developing their Trade Reporting Service (TRS), a comprehensive solution aimed at producing regulatory reports for SFTR (Securities Financing Transactions Regulation), EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation), and MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II) compliance. These reports were crucial for data visualisation and reporting purposes.


LGIM faced a critical challenge of ensuring accurate and compliant reporting to avoid regulatory fines. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) required LGIM to test 100% of their regulatory reports, a task that would be extremely difficult and time-consuming if done manually. Additionally, LGIM needed to maintain a comprehensive document file history to demonstrate compliance.


To address the challenge, LGIM engaged Acutest to review the FCA’s requirements and develop an automated regression testing capability. Acutest devised a data-driven approach through an intuitive spreadsheet interface, simplifying the testing process and ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting standards.

Key features of the solution included:

  • Spreadsheet interface: Acutest created user-friendly spreadsheets that allowed LGIM’s testers to select the test environment, transaction type (e.g., SFTR Repos ETFs, EMIR FX OTCs, MiFID II FI, EQ, OTC, ETDs , Options & Futures, and FX), and specific regulatory reports for testing. This approach provided flexibility and ease of use.
  • Rule mapping: Multiple files were mapped to identify the relevant rules for each transaction type. Some transactions involved up to 200 fields and corresponding rules, necessitating a meticulous approach to ensure accurate testing.
  • Independent testing environment: Acutest reviewed and mocked internal dependent services to enable TRS to operate independently during testing. This ensured that any issues identified were solely related to the TRS system and not influenced by external factors.
  • Test result storage: All test results, including the comprehensive file history, were imported, and stored in JIRA and Xray, facilitating traceability and accountability.
  • Reusability and maintenance: The automated regression testing capability was designed to be reusable across different transaction types, making it easy to maintain and adapt to changing regulatory requirements.


The implementation of Acutest’s automated regression testing solution brought numerous benefits to LGIM:

  • Time savings: Testing a single test case, which could involve thousands of transactions, took less than 5 minutes using the automation tool. In contrast, manual testing would have taken weeks to complete. The significant reduction in execution time allowed LGIM to expedite the testing process and meet regulatory deadlines.
  • Focus on core testing activities: The automation solution empowered LGIM’s manual testers to focus on running tests automatically based on transaction types. This enabled them to allocate more time and resources to core testing activities, such as analysing results and identifying potential issues.
  • Enhanced reporting and traceability: By integrating with JIRA Xray, the automated testing solution provided comprehensive test reporting and traceability. Comparing subsequent test runs with previous ones allowed LGIM to demonstrate that business-as-usual operations were not impacted.
  • Tool adoption and knowledge transfer: Acutest trained LGIM’s manual testers on operating the automation tool, ensuring seamless integration into their testing processes. This allowed different projects and individuals within LGIM to utilize the tool for adding and testing transactions, maximizing its value across the organization.
  • End-to-end testing support: Acutest’s engagement with LGIM extended beyond the development phase, providing functional testing support throughout the entire development lifecycle. This ensured a comprehensive and thorough approach to testing and quality assurance.

In conclusion, Acutest’s automated regression testing solution enabled LGIM to streamline their trade reporting processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and save valuable time and resources. The solution’s reusability, ease of use, and integration with existing systems provided LGIM with a robust testing framework to meet their regulatory obligations effectively.

About the customer

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) is the investment management arm of Legal & General Group, a FTSE 100 company and one of Europe’s largest asset managers. With a global reach, LGIM offers investment solutions to a diverse range of clients worldwide.

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