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Case Study: Supporting a high street fashion retailer’s Oracle Financials’ implementation

16 February 2023 Time to read:  minutes

Read about how Acutest shaved off five weeks of project timeline through the accurate testing of a large retail financial system – saving the customer’s delivery programme £5m.


We are confident that every day you will likely use a solution assured by an Acutest services. From postal services to on-demand TV, we have tested some of the UK’s biggest and most critical public projects. We were proud to conduct this recent project for a well-known fashion retailer, bringing our approach to the high-street.

The Challenge

Following a previous project with this established UK high-street retailer, they came back to Acutest for help when struggling to keep their Oracle Financials programme on track. Initially, Acutest completed one of its proven Test Improvement Plans (TIP) and made several recommendations, including Sprint Finish – a service designed to help projects get back on plan when there is an imminent deadline. This ensured the programme would get back on track and have a solid plan for future success. Acutest were then appointed, through a request for approval, to provide the Test Management team for Release 3 user acceptance testing (UAT).

The Solution

Acutest supported the customer to adopt the unique ‘Acutest Principles and Practices’ approach to testing and professional test consultancy. The first Principle to be used was ‘begin with the big risks’, which acts to ensure the highest priority risk areas are addressed first to reduce further disruption. This took two weeks to complete and resulted in significant savings for high street retailer through implementing principles and practices.

The Outcome

Through Acutest’s intervention, the project timescale was reduced by five weeks with a resulting cost saving of £5m. The programme got back on track to and was completed earlier than anticipated.

“We already knew Acutest are a safe pair of hands, so we called on their testing services to help us come unstuck. Immediately they set to work on scoping out how to get the Oracle Financials implementation back on track. No one expected that they would hand us back five weeks of project time and £5m in savings. As ever, a phenomenal testing intervention.”

Head of Digital Transformation, UK high street retailer

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